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   Myung Jin machinery co.,ltd
Company Description
Myungjin Co., Ltd professionally manufactures the primary metal processing facilities such as steel pipe manufacturing facility, roll forming M/C, slitter, shear line, etc. among the steel industry plants, and has supplied high-quality facility to domestic and overseas leading steel-pipe companies based on 30-year accumulated experience and technology.

Especially, we are proud of the world-best performance of Auto Shear &Welder, Coil Accumulator, End facing & Chamfering M/C and Auto Packing(Bundle) System among our facilities resulted from the steady research and development.
We provide unlimited A/S for the facility supplied by our company.
This is the commitment of all employees including executives to take the responsibility and pride for our products.

We committed ourselves to going ahead in an attitude to be a global company.

Thank you.

Product Description
Tube Mill Line (ERW) Product range Model Pipe size(inch) Tube out DIA(mm) TICKNESS(mm) MJM-TM010 1 φ8-25.4 0.4 ?2.0 MJM-TM015 1 1/2 φ12.7 ?38.1 0.6 ?2.4 MJM-TM020 2 φ17.3 ?50.8 0.8 ?3.2 MJM-TM025 2 φ21.7 ?60.5 0.8 ?3.6 MJM-TM030 2 1/2 φ 25.4 ?76.3 1.0 ?4.5 MJM-TM040 3 φ 34 ?89.1 1.0 ?4.5 MJM-TM050 4 φ 34 ?114.3 1.6 ?6.5 MJM-TM060 6 φ 60.5 ?168.3 2.0 ?11.0 MJM-TM080 8 φ 89.1 ?219.1 3.2 ?12.7 MJM-TM0120 12 φ 114.3 ?323.9 4.8 ?12.7 MJM-TM0160 16 φ 165.2 ?406.4 4.8 ?12.7 MJM-TM0200 20 φ 219.1 ?508.0 5.6 ?16.0 Composition Coil opener 1. This device, the coil opener of the entry part, is equipped in preceding coil and while the tube mill is in process, it completes the operation for the next coil to be equipped in the uncoiler in advance and keeps the coil in 'stand by' condition. It particularly is the optimum facility for all those procedures operating separately from the tube mill operation, and also for having the extremely shortest time in the operation linking the preceding and the following coils. Uncoiler 2. Uncoiler is the facility to uncoil the coil to make it stable by equipping the drum of A world wide leading manufacturer, tube manufacturing plants MYUNG JIN MACHINERY CO., LTD widened coil and applying the back tension during the line operation. This facility is a single drum type applying to over 5 inch size and a facility under 5 inch size is manufactured by a double drum type. Also, It has the capability in controlling over the coil automatically while entry operation by linking with the shear welder and the Shear and welder 3. It is the facility to cut front and end of the strip, center the line, then link them by welding operation. The operation of this facility is automatic, and it operates automatically after early setting of feeding, knife gap, and width adjustment of side guide. It also keeps stabilized operation for the progress of welding operation as well as cutting materials by taking 'Down cutting' process. Strip Accumulator 4. It is the facility to keep supplying coil to the tube mill line without any suspension of tube mill line during linking coil operation. For We have a self-developed vertical type of accumulator approved its superiority currently installed and operating world wide. This facility shows superior capacity of storing thick plate, and comparing to other facilities, because storing with revolving of main turn table, it has no rubbing noise of coil and each parts and there is no damage in skelf. This has the special device called the internal pinch roll simultaneously carrying out the revolution and rotation inside of the machine to reduce the damage to the strip and the noise so the proper tension is always applied to the strip and as no pushing force is applied, it is saved in a stable condition Tube mill line body(Forming and Sizing) 5. It is the facility consisted of forming part, welding part, cooling part, sizing part, and quick change part. Each operating part are consist with DC motor, helical change reducer and worm reducer. At first forming part has the break down composed of number 4 stand, side cluster and pin pass composed of number 3 stand to consecutively form the strip and the formed strip is melted by high frequency welder at the welding part. The melted part is pressurized by squeeze roll stand to shape the pipe. Those composing parts which are each stand, side cluster, seam guide, and squeeze roll stand are designed and produced considering load of cardinal part and elaborate adjustment for each section. Especially, it has the advantage of shifting rolls in a very short time as each part can be assembled or disassembled by one touch. Quick change is installed on the back side of this facility to make the universal joint's assembling and disassembling without shifting rolls. Quick change is deigned and based on our experience and technology, and especially, since the structure of jointing part is assembling and disassembling possible, it would reduce a great amount of time and show superior performance. Cut off machine 6. It is the facility, taking friction cutting process using saw, to automatically cut the pipe to have the desirable length according to the instruction from D.D.S system. For transferring rain and carriage of truce takes the method of LM guide, it's accuracy, endurance and maintaining are superior to those of facilities in other companies. The clamp operates up and down by the hydraulic cylinder and it is designed for simple disassembling and easy repair by manufacturing the clamp assembly on the top to complement the existing repair problem. The ascent and descent of the saw minimizes the wearing of the saw and bug generation by applying the hydraulic valve system to perform the operation of quick forward movement - quick cut off - slow cut off - quick return. Straightening machine 7. This straightening machine is the facility to correct the bent round pipe to improve the straightening and mechanical property. In the roll setting system, the setting procedure is carried out by pushing the button at the operating desk and the set value is indicated in gauge making it possible to standardize it and easy to set it up. End-facing machine 8.This is the facility to face and chamfer the both end of the round pipe. All procedures are automatic(hand operation possible). The adjustment and operation is operator-oriented, We are proud of convenience, quietness, easiness in maintaining repairing and also, simplification of early setting part all based on our intensive technology and mechanical structure. Taking the process of transferring pipe by driving top aligning roll, this facility is no need of any adjustment according the length of pipe. Auto packing machine 9.It is the device to load or connect the round(angular) pipes by size in the hexagonal(square) form and all procedures are carried out automatically. We are very proud of that this device is composed of our long research and our own development. Among domestic machinery companies, MYUNG-JIN is the only one owning a perfect auto packing machine, and it has already been proven to the same kind companies. Furthermore as representing machinery company of Republic of Korea, it is being used world-wide by no means inferior. This device is semi-automatic packing facility and composed of inlet conveyor, fork feeder, lifter pocket, moving pocket, and outlet conveyor. The system of the facility is to load a made and inserted pipe by each packing size automatically, transfer it (or them) to the bundle place (position, location), and then through bunde work by an operator, forward the packed pipe. Pipe painting line 10. It is the facility to prevent rust by painting the square or round pipes. The procedure of painting line system is composed of cleaning, painting and drying system, and it is possible to perform the consecutive operation fully automated thanks to the conveyor transportation.

Business Type :   Manufacturer
Address :   4Ba-904, Sihwa Industrial Complex, Seongkog-Dong, Danwon-gu
City & Country :   Ansan City Kyeonggi-do korea , Korea (South)
Tel No. :   82-31-498-4530
Fax no. :   82-31-499-4538
Website :   http://www.mjmmill.com
Contact Person :   Seo Bu Kun
e-Mail :   Click here to contact us

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